Woman’s Head Explodes After Reading Opposing View On Twitter

Julie Everhart died instantly when her head exploded after reading an opposing view on Twitter. She was 37 years old and enjoyed reading the views of people who agreed with her.

Everhart was sipping on a cup of coffee while scrolling down her Twitter feed. Out of nowhere someone tweeted something that was completely opposite of what Julie believed.

“Her eyes rolled into the back of her head, like she was possessed or something,” her husband Bill reported to authorities.

She immediately fired off 17 tweets informing the person with the opposing view that they were mistaken by calling him a “shithead” and “total dumbfuck.”

Her husband recounted the horrible experience, “She was sitting there thinking about what the guy said and trying to come up with another way of saying ‘complete fucking douche’ when her head swelled up like a watermelon and exploded everywhere.”

When authorities arrived, Everhart’s fingers were slowly tap tap tapping her blood-soaked phone in an attempt to retweet a photo of a friend’s dog.

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