What Captain America Really Meant When He Said “Hail Hydra”

Captain America was recently quoted as saying “Hail Hydra,” indicating to many that he has been working covertly for the evil agency since he came into existence.

We caught up with him while walking his dog, Bucky, to clarify.

Captain America: Don’t you guys understand irony. I was being ironic. People are always saying to me, ‘Cap, you need to loosen up a little. Tells some jokes.’ And when I finally do, everyone acts like they have a giant red, white and blue shield up their butt.

See, that’s another joke.

Yeah, I said Hail Hydra. Sue me. Do you guys even understand how irony works? You say the opposite of what you really mean. So what I was really saying was ‘Unhail Hydra.’

I just really feel like irony is the humor form I’m most comfortable with. More than reversals, double entendres and parody. From time to time I do enjoy a good knock-knock joke. But who doesn’t?

While we spoke, his dog, Bucky, stopped to relieve himself on a bright yellow fire hydrant.

“Hail Hydrant!” Cap yelled out and giggled.

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