Chelsea Clinton Says She’s Never Seen Her Mother’s Body Double Look So Tired

Hillary Clinton's Body Double During Better Times

Hillary Clinton’s Body Double During Better Times

In an interview last week, Chelsea Clinton said she’s never seen Hillary Clinton’s body double look so tired.

Chelsea went on to say she’s seen the body double looking sleepy at Clinton Foundation Fundraisers, on the campaign trail and even at her bedside while she delivered her last baby, but she’s never seen her as exhausted as she was during the 9/11 Memorial.

“It juste really feels like the body double is killing itself on the campaign trail while mom just relaxes at home and binge watches Stranger Things,” said Chelsea. “I’m starting to worry about my mom’s body double. I think it needs to take it easy for a few days before getting back out there.”

The body double said it had been under the weather for a few days but is definitely healthy enough to serve as the body double of the President of the United States, should Hillary win.

When reached for comment, Donald Trump has demanded that Hilary’s body double make all of it’s medical records available to the public immediately.

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